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Recent feedback from clients on Apex Insight reports

“We’d spent a lot of time trying to piece together a picture of how the different European parcels markets were structured. Your report was like the Holy Grail! After I read it, I deleted all the other bookmarks that I’d collected.” – Bob Bavolacco – Globalization Manager, Logistics Solutions Platform, Pitney Bowes
“The Apex Insight report gave us information and also an understanding of the market that helped us to make the right call on an important decision.” – Don Brough, Director, First Response Finance Ltd
“Very good report … would consider buying again in the future.” – Adam Joy, VP, Business Development, M&A, Warner Bros
“Good report with in-depth analysis of the competing companies. Great for describing the market comprehensively” – Lennart Swoboda, Consultant, arvato Financial Services
“Apex Insight’s report told us what we needed to know to make the right decision on a potential opportunity” – Irina Jantayeva, Director, Synergy Invest
“Provided useful data and industry insights” – Derek Holt, Director, Alix Partners.
“Thank you for the report … our consultants found it very helpful.” – Helen Glaysher, Commercial Manager, BiS Henderson.

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